My story

I am so lucky to team up with Just strong to help raise awareness for mental health, Just strong are a fitness brand dedicated to empowering women. The links on my profile are affiliate links which means I will earn a small amount of commission at no extra cost to you. My code will also … More My story

Winter Date Ideas

It has came to that time of year where the leaves have all fallen, the frosty morning are here and the central heating is on full blast! As much as I love this time of year I do find myself sitting in the house waisting the hours away scrolling through instagram. So have put together … More Winter Date Ideas


Autumn and winter are my favourite time of year and honestly as soon as the leaves and flowers start to sprout I find myself waiting for them to fall again. To me autumn is just the most beautiful time of the year, even here in Scotland where it rains around about 99% of the time. … More Autumn

My Travel Tips

I am currently planning a trip to Frankfurt in Germany which I am so excited about however I am a terrible flyer and to be honest just terrible when it comes to airports in general. Its not even the flying part that scares me, its checking in and going through security that gets my heart … More My Travel Tips