My Travels to Germany!

I am very lucky that my best friend stays in Mannheim which is in Germany not to far from Frankfurt which means I have my own personal tourist guide. This was my second time visiting and I am in love with the city and its surroundings. Actually I love it so much that I am considering packing up my life and moving here and thats a pretty big deal for me as anyone who knows me will know I have always said id never move away from home because I love Scotland so much.

If you are planning a trip to Mannheim or any of the surrounding city and towns I would 100% recommend renting a car if it is within your budget because there is so much to do and see and some of the most beautiful spots require quite a bit of driving. Due to my bestie staying in Mannheim he has his car with him so it was easy for us to get about and go exploring and I also saved money on accommodation as I shared his apartment which is absolutely beautiful, complete with a balcony and everything which meant more time for tanning… aka turning into a big red tomato.

I flew from Glasgow int airport to Frankfurt airport with Lufthansa. I will be honest and say Lufthansa are not the cheapest flights but the extra £1oo or so is worth it for some extra leg room and comfy seats. You also get a free sandwich and a drink on the flight if you wish… and yes that includes alcoholic beverages. When I arrived at Frankfurt it was 19:00 so we hadn’t planned much for that evening. I got picked up and we went to grab some food. We ended up just grabbing a McDs for quickness and sat and chatted crap for about two hours before then heading to his apartment where I got to meet his flat mate.

The next day we went to Europa park which is the second most popular theme park in Europe and its not hard to see why. It was absolutely amazing! The park its self was absolutely beautiful and the rides were fantastic. Although the first ride we went on which was the Eurosat- cancan coaster broke down while we were on it. Unfortunately we had to wait over an hour to be removed from the ride and I must admit I was not impressed however the staff were lovely and very helpful and the rest of the day made up for it.

We also visited the technik museum which has a replica of the Russian space shuttle BURAN, real moon rock and loads of other cool space stuff like the astronauts suits. I absolutely love anything to do with space, I just find it so fascinating so I was so excited to go and I was not disappointed. Not only does it the space exhibition but there is also cars, motorbikes and a Lufthansa aircraft that you walk through and stand on the wing… which I didn’t do because I was wearing a skirt and I didn’t want people seeing my pants whilst walking up the stairs.

By far my favourite part of the break was a tiki bar I visited which is situated in the city on a river beach and it was incredible. One minute your surrounded by huge buildings, cars and loads of people and the next you in a secluded beach with its own bar that over looks the river! It also had the cutest deck chairs and hammocks, honestly I was just in love. After a busy few days I just sat back soaked up the sun had a few gins and a couple of cocktails and didn’t worry about a thing.

If you ever get the chance to visit Mannheim I would 100% recommend it. It is just such a beautiful place and its somewhere iv never thought to visit until my friend moved and now I’m so glad iv found and I will defiantly be making my visits more frequent and possibly even move over if the opportunity arises.

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