Winter Date Ideas

It has came to that time of year where the leaves have all fallen, the frosty morning are here and the central heating is on full blast!

As much as I love this time of year I do find myself sitting in the house waisting the hours away scrolling through instagram. So have put together a wee list of wintery/festive date ideas that you can do with either your partner, family or friends.

  1. Get wrapped up and take a walk in your local park – take some photos of the beautiful surroundings or your beautiful winter outfits and have fun editing them with different effects.
  2. Visit a garden centre – look at all the pretty Christmas decor and even pick out a few Christmas bobbles for your tree.
  3. Go out for hot chocolate
  4. Find a Christmas light switch on plan to go and have fun singing and dancing to all the Christmas songs
  5. Look for any local events. This year I went to glasGLOW which was a light show held in botanic gardens in the west end of Glasgow and it was absolutely amazing.
  6. Bake some Christmas cookies or cupcakes.
  7. If hosting Christmas dinner or going to a family/friends Christmas dinner find a recipe, practice it and then take to dinner with you – if your brave you could even put your own spin on it.
  8. Make a list of ingredients for hot chocolate, go to the shop get them and come back. make the best hot chocolate ever put on your favourite movie and cuddle up under the covers and chill
  9. watch all the harry potters before christmas
  10. decorate your home for the festive period
  11. Go a road trip complete with cosy jumpers, snacks and Christmas songs
  12. Dress up fancy and go for drinks in the city
  13. Plan a day trip to go see the Christmas markets

I love to do every single one of these and they always make me feel so happy and christmasy. As I live alone I love to get myself out of the house and spend time with my loved ones and when I can’t get out of the house I still like to be doing something productive to stop me going brain dead and scrolling through social media.

Rebann xx

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