Christmas Gift Guide – For Her

With Christmas fast approaching… aka one more pay day, it’s to get our fingers out and make a start on Christmas shopping! I have put together a list that I personally think would be lovely gifts to receive.

  1. Cosy pyjamas – I absolutely love a new pair of PJ’s to wear on Christmas.
  2. Christmas hamper – Make your own Christmas hamper and personalise it to their personal tastes, you can buy baskets, cellophane and ribbons out of the likes of B&M and the range
  3. Photo album – a few years ago I made my best friend a photo album complete with both cute and embarrassing photos but also I looked through our friendship on facebook and screen shotted loads of hilarious/horrendous statuses we both up together since we both joined facebook and it was honestly my favourite gift iv ever given because it brought tears to my eyes putting it together and it was just so unique and personal to us both.
  4. Ted Baker Suite Harmony gift set from boots – This is such a beautiful gift set from ted baker which is exclusive to boots which contains both full sized and travel sized items and is such amazing value for money currently retailing for £50 although I have seen it either on the 3 for 2 deal or at half price.
  5. Ted Baker Precious Harmony – If £50 is a little bit expensive Ted baker also have this beautiful gift set which comes complete with four travel sized products and is currently retailing for £10
  6. Gift card – I know this is so obvious but if someones been talking about somewhere they want to go or a restaurant they have been wanting to try buy a gift card for yous both to go to.
  7. Morphe Hit the lights eyeshadow pallet – This pallet is absolutely beautiful and is perfect for the make up lover in your life
  8. Nikon -COOLPIX A1000 digital Camera – Bit… a lot on the pricy side but if your unlike me and can afford to fork out almost £500 on a camera for your special someone then I think this would be absolutely amazing gift.
  9. Zoeva Rose Gold Luxury set Vol 2 – These beautiful brushed are just gorgeous and would make a lovely gift for someone in need of some new make up brushes
  10. Thomas Sabo charm bracelet – One of my favourite gifts I ever received was my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet and the reason for this was the thought behind it, I am personally not into tattoos for two reasons one that I can never make up my mind on something and I change everything constantly and two I’m a massive shite bag so the reason behind the charm bracelet was that I could get a charm to represent every big event in my life and add to like how people do with tattoos and honestly that melt my heart.

I hope this has been helpful in some way and if any of you have any other ideas please leave a comment below because I am struggling this year.

Reb X

3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide – For Her

  1. Hi Rebann, great post! I am writing to let you know that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger award. For more information, please go to my website. Congrats to you and keep up the good work!

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