Hugh Jackman – the man the music the show

Honestly don’t even know where to start with this. I am speechless

So I was so so so so lucky to get tickets to go see Hugh Jackman at the sse hydro and I was absolutely blown away. Not only were his vocals incredible but the way that he carried himself and interacting with the crowd was outstanding.

What made this different to any other show I had ever seen was the fact that he told stories about his life and his achievements and it was truly inspiring. He also incorporated his stories into the songs that he was performing and it was incredible the way the whole show just flowed. Also the way that he interacted with his audience was incredible. At one point he came down into the audience and was shaking some of the guests hands and then got a women up to dance with him which was absolutely lovely to watch. This particular women had difficulties walking and standing, he took the time to help her and hold her up and when it came to the dancing he asked a member of the security team to help support her so they could dance together.

He also had a lot of comedy involved in his performance which really added to the show. Hugh Jackman really is the greatest showman.

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