My Travel Tips

I am currently planning a trip to Frankfurt in Germany which I am so excited about however I am a terrible flyer and to be honest just terrible when it comes to airports in general. Its not even the flying part that scares me, its checking in and going through security that gets my heart racing once I am in the air I am fine. So as much as I am excited I am also absolute crapping my pants about getting there and on this occasion I am traveling alone which is making even more apprehensive about the flight. However this is not the first time I have flew solo and last September I took the leap and booked myself a flight and I was absolutley fine.

I like to think I am not alone in this situation and that a lot of people may have similar concerns and so I thought that I could make a list of things that I feel helped me last time around and that I will be doing again next month in order to make my journey as pleasant as possible to 1 help myself so I can re-read them and 2 it may help someone else who has a trip coming up that they are nervous about.

  1. Be prepared – I hate leaving packing to the last minute as I usually forget something and end up stressing myself out.
  2. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable but also really confident.
  3. Only pack the essentials in your carry on case. There is nothing worse than carrying a heavy bag around the whole airport
  4. Arrive with plenty of time to spare
  5. Treat your self at duty free!
  6. Grab a vodka or a gin… or both
  7. Pack a good book to help pass the time and relax you
  8. Make a list of all the exciting things you want to do/see on your travels
  9. Bring a cosy jumper or cardigan
  10. If possible pick the window seat, so that you can sit back relax and look off into the clouds and dream about all the wonderful memories that are about to be made.

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