Cheesecake Easter eggs

As I’m sure many of you are aware that the UK is currently in lockdown and therefore most of us are spending a lot more time at home than usual. 

Due to the lockdown Andrew and I found ourselves attempting to make cheesecake filled Easter eggs which actually turned out pretty good… all thanks to Andrew. I am not one for baking for anything that requires weighing out ingredients or complicated instructions but this was actually pretty fun to make and wasn’t to difficult for my small brain to understand and I thought I would share the recipe we used since its almost Easter. 


  1. 1 chocolate Easter egg 
  2. 15g of butter 
  3. 85g of digestive biscuits 
  4. 200g cream cheese 
  5. 35g caster sugar 
  6. 100ml double cream 
  7. 100g milk chocolate 
  8. Decorations e.g. mini eggs,sprinkles,chocolate buttons 


Firstly you want to half the Easter egg, to do this heat up a sharp kitchen knife and run it along the middle of the egg gently. Take care not to break the egg when doing so 

Then you want to start to make the base. Weigh out 85g of digestive biscuits and then crush them up into small crumbs you either do this by hand, a rolling pin or a food processor. I used a potato masher because I don’t have anything fancy in my kitchen so I improvised. You then need to weight out the 15g of butter, melt it and mix it in with the biscuits. Fill the bottom half of the egg with the biscuits, push gently on the mixture to compress it, and take care not to break the egg. Put this into the fridge to cool 

Next its time to make the filling weigh out the cream cheese, caster sugar and double cream and put the all into a bowl. Whisk all this together until very thick and stiff… like I said we don’t have fancy things in our kitchen to we whisked this by hand which took about 5 minutes for it to go thick, Andrew done most of this because my arm got sore about 30 seconds in. 

Once whisked melt the chocolate and add it into the mixture and whisk until all the mixture is the same colour. 

Spoon the mixture into the egg and then decorate it as you wish. Leave to set in the fridge for at least two hours. 


If anyone makes these id love to see photos. 

Follow me over on instagram @reb-ann-x and tag me in your photos 


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