Autumn and winter are my favourite time of year and honestly as soon as the leaves and flowers start to sprout I find myself waiting for them to fall again. To me autumn is just the most beautiful time of the year, even here in Scotland where it rains around about 99% of the time.

For me autumn really starts in October when the leaves are turning orange and beginning to fall, the weathers getting colder, the nights start to creep in earlier and everything just gets more cosy. Im talking nights by the fireplace/ the Netflix fire background, hot chocolates, fluffy PJ’s and finding the cosiest blanket you own and snuggling up on the sofa to binge watch Riverdale.

As much as I love to get cosy and stay in doors without any sort of guilt because its freezing outside I also think that autumn is the perfect time to go exploring and take photos.

From going walks along the beach, carving pumpkins, decorating the living room, to going drives and visiting GlasGLOW I have had amazing season so far and I’m looking forward to cramming many more activities into the next two weeks before I start to prepare for Christmas which is where the fun really starts – especially since I now have a fireplace (purely bought for the sole purpose of Christmas decor)

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