Hair care routine!

Any one who knows me, knows that I change my hair a lot and by that I mean I go from light blonde to almost black and everything in between at least twice a year. Of course this is not healthy for you hair like at all and I have had my hair brake on me on more than one occasion and let me tell you. It’s not a good look!

Although this had has it positives because now I actually take care of my hair and by that I mean I actually go to salon and get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks instead of leaving for 5 years with no trims and guess what its growing quicker because its not snapping of at the ends. So right now I am going through process of becoming blonde once again. I started this process in February knowing that by the time summer rolled around id have an over whelming urge to be beach blonde. So far I’ve had three visits to my hairdresser to achieve the look and it’s actually came up pretty light. One more visit and ill be the blonde of my dreams – after I lose five stone and buy some decent clothes

Naturally when you bleach your hair its going to become dry and damaged and lack in shine but honestly my hair is in the best condition its been in years and I think my hair care routine has a massive part to play in this as well as getting regular trims. To kick of my hair routine I only wash my hair every 3rd day to 4th day if I can get away with it. Over washing the hair can strip it of its natural oils and leave it dry and brittle. So if you can leave it a day longer than usual. As I usually wear my hair up for work this is so easy for me.

When I do decide that I need to wash my hair I like to use a shampoo designed for chemically treated hair/ dry, damaged hair to really help bring it back to life. I am currently using TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde which is currently retailing for £31.99 as a twin pack with the conditioner which is a bit expensive for something you literally wash down the drain but the results are worth it. When applying condition I like to rinse out any excess water from my hair before applying a generous amount of conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of my hair I then leave it on the hair for a few minutes whilst I do all my other shower bits. I then rinse it and wipe dry gently with a towel just to grab any excess water.

I then apply a volumising mouse to the roots of my hair. I will usually allow my hair to air dry if I have the time but If I am need to use the hair dryer I will firstly apply a heat protector spray and then I will turn my head upside down and quickly blast the roots of the hair using my fingers to separate the hair as I go. I will then divide my hair into section and use a large round brush to lift volume into the roots and to give body to the mid lengths and ends. I repeat this until all the hair is done. Depending on how the hair feels I may add a little bit of oil to the ends of the hair to add a wee bit of shine. Although make sure if your blonde don’t use a golden/yellow oil as over time its will start to stain the hair and alter the colour.

I personally prefer a bit of a curl in my hair opposed to it being poker straight. I recently purchased a set of heated rollers from babyliss and they have changed my life. The curl they give to your hair is amazing and they are so easy to use. Just switch them on and leave them for 10 minutes to heat up then section of the hair roll up each section of hair around the roller and secure with the clips provided. Whilst there in doing the magic you can do your make-up, get breakfast or grab a pink gin and lemonade I leave them in until I really need to take them out. I then either gently brush them out or I just use my fingers to ruffle the curls out a wee bit before finish with hair spray

2 thoughts on “Hair care routine!

  1. Heated Rollers are life! Unfortunately since I’ve had children my hair is completely neglected lol. However anytime we go “out out” the rollers go in in!

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    1. Aww I’m so glad you agree! I was thinking I was the only person left that loved them. They are so under rated and from your insta stories you still look absolutely beautiful!
      Thanks so much for the comment on this I really so appreciate it! x


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